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Welcome to Waco, Texas

Mothers from around the country have been and are turning to the Waco area in hopes of joining our family oriented, friendly and comfortable community. However, what newcomers might not realize is that “moving to Waco” might not mean technically moving to Waco, but rather one of the many Greater Waco surrounding cities. Most of these cities are within 10-20 minutes from Waco city center which, depending on where you are moving from, may be what you are used to traveling within your own neighborhood! Each of these surrounding “cities” has its own personality and benefits which we hope to outline for you with this great resource.
Hover over the map image below to highlight the area you’re looking to explore. Each of these micro cities in the Greater Waco Area may seem far, but they are all within 15-30 minutes from the Waco City center. Click on each city to learn more about the metro location including information about what it’s like to live in that area: community description, neighborhoods, schools & childcare, healthcare professionals, parks & activities.
Scroll below the map to find helpful local experts for real estate industry services and Realtors, builders, designers and home service providers.
The communities within Greater Waco have been selected and grouped with a mom’s mindset in mind (largely based on school districts and driving distance from Waco’s city center). We have every intention of growing this guide to provide more information on each community.

Plan Your Move To The Greater Waco Area

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Real Estate Brokerage

Camille Johnson, Realtors has quickly risen to become one of the top agencies in the Waco area. They believe that their devotion to clients and their love for the community has played a major role in their success. They have a remarkable referral network, expert knowledge of the buying and selling process and over 200+ years of combined experience between us! With 35 expert agents, this group has the knowledge and education to help clients with one of the largest, most important moments of their lives.
Katie Snapp
Camille Johnson, Realtors
Catia Sykora
Camille Johnson, Realtors
Austin Hooper
AG Realtors
Greg Glime
Coldwell Banker Realtors, Commercial
Financing & Title Services

Call (254) 716-9987
Call (254) 733-8333
Call (254) 300-1915
Design, Organization & Home Care Experts
Call (254) 652-3353
Call (325) 456-1081
Call (254) 708-6992
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